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People who have already entered into the gates of heaven are no more secure tonight than you, believer…
Alistair Begg

A railroad employee found the well-dressed body of a young man in a corner of an empty boxcar behind the Union Pacific depot.  In the jacket pocket were an empty pillbox and a billfold identifying the youth as—and then it published his name.—When the body was moved, a suicide note was found.  It read:

Dear Dad, dope ruined my life and took away my happiness forever.  I thought I was experiencing life.  I found out it was death.  I hope to God people taking dope find what I found in it sooner than I did.  Goodbye, Dad.  Your son, love, Ricky.


1 Corinthians chapter 6

1 Corinthians chapter 6

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What would happen in America if…